Find Anyone, Anywhere
Ever wished you could find an email address for anyone you’d like to communicate with? Now you can.
Instantly look up new contacts by using their email or name and company - our magical system will create a profile of that contact for you in seconds that includes their email address, social profile info and interests.
Fewer Lost Opportunities
The Refinery dashboard shows you insights into your inbox - like who is waiting for a response and who you are waiting to hear back from.

Click into an auto-populated profile for each of your emailed contacts and catch up on what the conversation was about, set future reminders or instantly start a new conversation.
Share Contacts & Emails with Your Team
Say goodbye to cumbersome email threads with too many CCs, BCCs and BS.
Create teams for any purpose and start sharing contacts - teams they can instantly see everything about that person plus review emails exchanged between other team members and the contact.
Develop Deeper Relationships
Refinery helps you take networking to the next level.
All contact profiles are tagged automatically with locations and interests - so you can quickly search through them, organize people into groups and share them with teams by common interest.
Organize Deals In Staged Workflows
Yes we Kanban.
Refinery features a customizable Workflow system which lets our members keep track of deals - easily move deals between stages and keep track of costs and timelines, plus add contacts to deals and catch up on related email communication.
Refinery Bridges the Gap Between Your CRM and Email
With the click of a button you can export contacts instantly - ensuring that the leads and customers you communicate with via email have enriched, up-to-date profiles in the CRM of your choice.
We are already integrated with:
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